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DIU Robotics Club

DIU Robotics Club is the most primitive and extensive club as well as the biggest club in Daffodil International University. Working together with a dream to improve skills and inspire generations of young innovative Engineering students. DIU Robotics Club provides free seminars, workshops, and training programs for all the students of Daffodil International University.

To encourage and enable students to utilize and enrich their creativity and engineering skills through robotics so as to imbibe technical skills, teamwork and leadership in them. To inspire young minds to be the driving force in the field of robotics, by engaging them in exciting, mentor-based programs that build engineering skills, inspire innovation, and foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication and leade...

DIU Robotics Club seeks to inspire the next generation of great minds by allowing them unprecedented access to space at the high school and middle school level. By making the benefits and resources of the space program tangible to students, DIU Robotics Club hopes to cultivate an appreciation of science, technology, engineering and math through healthy, immersive, collaborative competition. Another major vision of DIU Robotics Club is to lead...

Why Choose Us

Project Development

Reserach and study for innovation


Facilitate training to members to insert modern knowledge about Robotics

Research & Journal

Participate in numerous Research & Journal for gathering updated knowledge


Equipped Members for the best fit in their career related to the Robotics industry

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Upcoming Events

8 Aug 2022

Robotics Workshop will be held on August 2022 in DIU Smart City Campus.

Our Committee

committee member

Hafizul Imran

committee member

Shovan Parvez

committee member

Md. Maruf Hossen

General Secretary