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DIU Marketing Club

DIU Marketing Club is a student run organization of Daffodil International University whose main goal is to promote a better understanding of marketing and its role in the business world. The club started its journey through a department event in 2017 and got approved as a recognized club on 23rd of January 2018. We apricate your creativity, enthusiasm and willingness.

It is a forum for the exchange of marketing ideas, to educate students about topics and trends in the field and to improve skills necessary to succeed in the marketing industry. The club allows students to grow their professional and social network of marketing professionals.

The ultimate vision of this club is to establish as a platform where the knowledge of marketing can be explored, applied and practiced.

Why Choose Us

The Orange Army

Being a part of the extraordinary team called the Orange Army who are creative, enthusiastic, and determined.

Marketing Events

We organize signature events, completions, seminars. Workshop and many more to enhance your knowledge about marketing.

Professional Development

Members can boost their organizing, leadership, communication, problem-solving, and more skills by volunteering in the events.


We offer many events where members get networking opportunities with market professionals, leaders, acidemias and many more

DIU Students club acttivity

Upcoming Events

5 Sep 2022

DIU Marketing Fest will be held on September 2022 in the DIU Smart City Campus.

10 Oct 2022

DIU Mr. & Mrs. Marketing event will be held on October 2022 in the DIU Smart City Campus.