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DIU Creative Park

DIU Creative Park is an intradepartmental club under the department of Multimedia and Creative Technology. Formed in 2012, as a student-run organization, DIU Creative Park has been working relentlessly to accelerate the activities of students besides their academic studies. All the activities of this club are about boosting up the growth of students' creativity and activity.

The advancements of Multimedia technology, Art-culture, and Creative thinking are the basic purpose of this club. By involving with this club students will be able to cooperate with all bodies of similar aims. Our mission is to practice and cultivate the academic knowledge and skills we get inside and outside the classroom.

Our vision is to build extraordinary creative hard-working leaders in the multimedia industry. We believe that working with an organization will help the students to deal with communication deals, creative challenges, peer pressure, and other obstacles which will help the enthusiastic students to be better leaders actively, creatively, and empathically.

Why Choose Us


the action of leading a group of people with creativity


Creative and Art-cultural


Artistic empathy and creativity


Creative thinking works on mental development

DIU Students club acttivity

Upcoming Events

26 Mar 2022

Independence Day will be observed on 26 March 2022 in the DIU Smart City campus.

23 Aug 2022

A workshop in Career in Multimedia will be held on August 23, 2022 in the DIU Smart City Campus.

16 Dec 2022

National Victory Day will be observed on 16 December 2022 in the DIU Smart City campus.